“We were delighted with our training day. We particularly liked the way you mirrored a real day on the Gerson Therapy, with juices arriving at the appropriate times (kindly made by Mel). Also the Gerson lunch, with all the appropriate elements (also made with great care by Mel). We liked being able to try out the juicing machines and talk about all the practical aspects of being on the therapy.

When it came to the principles behind the therapy, you showed yourself to be immensely knowledgeable at every turn. And you had a clear and concise way of answering whatever questions we threw at you.

We have lived on the experience of that day ever since and often think back to it as the moment when my healing began.”
Hugh & Susan L’Estrange, North London

  “I would like to thank you both for the lovely time my sister and I had with with you at your home spending the night and the following day attending your Gerson Training Day.  You were both simply far to generous with your hospitality, providing us with delicious meals and juice drinks.  You must have made all of 50p per hour for your concentrated labours over the weekend!  You explained very precisely the nature of the therapy and went through in detail how to purchase the equipment, food supplements and the organic food and accompanying literature.  You then gave us demonstrations, in which we all took part in how to do the juicing and make enemas and prepare the food etc.  You consciously answered our queries in great detail and explained the merits of the Gerson therapy.  You provided us with the opportunity to submit detailed medical questionnaires, blood tests and medical reports to enable you to assess our individual cases.

I think you should both be really congratulated on your dedication, your generosity, your self sacrifice and the real help you are providing myself and others attending your courses.”

Michael Row, England

“I really enjoyed the whole session and appreciated the opportunity to stay overnight and have extended discussions about the Gerson therapy and other health issues.  It’s helpful to have the repetition of information as it’s a bit more difficult to absorb information when a lot of it means changing almost everything about how we live our lives (especially at a time when I’m so worried about my mother).
I also found the general information very helpful (ie short discussions about the other things like stress management and water quality).  The list of specific resources/references in writing were helpful – without the list of water providers etc. I wouldn’t have known where to start.  I also loved Melanie’s flax dressing recipes and would welcome any other special things you’ve devised to make the Gerson meals even tastier for my family. 
Joan Burke, London

“I was severely affected by ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; my health was in a dire state. I was 33. Bedbound, hardly able to speak; unable to use a computer, watch TV or even listen to a radio, I didn’t know if the Gerson Therapy could help me, but it offered hope in a hopeless situation. Both conventional and alternative medicine had failed me dismally.

I read all of the Gerson literature and it made a lot of sense to me. One thing I had learnt on my medical journey was that mercury was a big problem for me as a result of mercury leaking into my body from the 14 amalgam fillings in my mouth. I had long suspected that my illness was due to poisoning from mercury and God knows what else and Gerson showed me a way of removing the toxins from my body and rebuilding my health.

By a stroke of luck, I came into contact with Stephen Gamble and he agreed to take me through the therapy. It was a very difficult journey for me to undertake as I was so toxic. However, I had very little left to lose and everything to gain so I grasped at the chance it offered. I adhered 100% to the therapy and to Stephen’s instructions. He took the time to tailor the therapy to my requirements and monitored my progress through regular blood tests, mercury tests, follow-up patient forms via phone and e-mail. With the help of a mercury free dentist and under Stephen’s guidance, I had all of my fourteen amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings. Through the help of my mother, family, some friends and bought-in help, I was able to undertake Gerson. It is intensive and expensive but very powerful and thorough. The therapy takes most people on average, two years to purge all of the toxins from their body. In my case it was five years, with the first three years being the most intensive.

For the first 18 months, I didn’t see much progress though I knew my body was responding to the therapy. My days were spent in bed, taking the juices and coffee enemas and sometimes if I was lucky, I could speak for five minutes. After 18 months I had a massive healing reaction. It was very difficult at the time but proved to be a seminal event, accelerating my progress. After it, my health improved; I was back on my feet and out of the bed and could continue the therapy whilst having some quality of life.

Over the course of the first three years, I went from being a bedbound zombie to leading a good quality of life. My ability to speak returned. Then I could listen to a radio. Then I could watch TV and use a computer. Literally, as toxins jammed in my body – and especially my brain – were removed, my functions were restored. It took another two years to rid myself entirely of toxins but I was able to undertake this part much more easily. Gerson is slow and in my case it was very slow.
It is no exaggeration to say that it is a miracle that I recovered my health from the abominable place I was in; it is thanks to Gerson and the support and guidance of Stephen that I did.  If you are considering embarking on the Gerson therapy, I would encourage you to read all of the Gerson literature. The therapy doesn’t work on its own; you make it work by following it diligently. However, when you feel your body responding to the therapy;  when the healing process kicks in; when your energy returns; when your mind becomes so alert; when your friends ask you who your plastic surgeon is because you are looking so well – it is a wonderful feeling. The hardships imposed by the therapy: strict diet, heavy workload,  high expenses, and being practically under house arrest were trivial compared to suffering under ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Gerson paved a pathway out of hell for me and I followed it with eternal gratitude.”
Paul Stuart, Ireland

“When my husband Dennis was diagnosed with lymphoma we knew of the Gerson therapy but we were unsure how to begin the programme.

From our very first contact with Stephen we felt inspired.  His wife Melanie (who is a very talented Gerson cook) and he welcomed us into their home and with careful explanation and clear instruction gave us the knowledge and confidence to succeed with the Gerson therapy and avoid the pitfalls.

Since that time we have benefited from Stephen’s continued support and advice and value his opinion as a gifted health professional.”
Dennis & Jane Maude

“Thank you so much for the fantastic training and hospitality last week.  The food and juices were all delicious. We have learned so much, and now have a far greater appreciation of how much more there is for us to learn.  We hope we have already made a good start by making changes to our diet straight away – mainly talking out the dried fruit and cashew nuts and adding the lemons and grapefruit, and everything else is changing gradually.  We are now much more aware of the foods that are only suitable to have occasionally, and are adapting our family menus accordingly.  Thank you again for a very educational and yummy day!”

Claire Stowe

“Excellent day, good full day, good value, questions answered well.  Very encouraging.  Very good juices and food.”

JPS, Loughborough

“The training day is invaluable and getting to know Stephen and Mel makes the task ahead much easier, as spending time with them makes you realise how much they are with you 100% of the way! 

The lunch that Mel prepared gives you inspiration and pleasure in the knowledge that “just vegetables” are very tasty!

The practicalities of the workshop, doing juices & coffee concentrates give you confidence that you’re doing things correctly.

It’s a daunting foresight, especially when you see the schedule with your name on it, but once you get started and find your routine its fine!  Organisation is the key and you’ve got to be on the ball all of the time, but when you think of the good that it’s doing, visualising every mouthful killing each cancerous cell, you do everything without effort!”
NF, Cheshire

“Stephen and Melanie made us both feel very welcome. Stephen is clearly an expert on the Gerson Therapy and gave us lots of information and practice with the juicing and pressing. Daunting things which I had read about in the Gerson books are there fully operational in Stephen’s home; this really helps to make the Gerson Therapy so much more a realistic option. Melanie’s Gerson lunch was delicious; the table was filled with optional tasty foods and this helped me to see that there is so much that you can eat on the Gerson Therapy! An excellent, jam (I mean honey in moderation) packed informative day! Thank you both!”

Pam and Simon Pooley

“Thank you very much for a very informative and inspiring ‘Gerson Therapy’ training day.

I enjoyed your hospitality and the delicious food, thank you Melanie.

I am grateful for your kind support.”

Andrea Spielvogel, South Lanarkshire

“Stephen and his wife really made us all feel very welcome as soon as they opened their door to their wonderful home. We quickly settled in to the kitchen and after greeting the fellow “trainees” over drinks we started the course. All the information given was clearly explained with Stephen showing great knowledge and understanding. We quickly got to lunch which for all of us was an absolute revelation…the food was delicious and superbly presented by Melanie. After reluctantly leaving the table we then resumed the rest of the course, which continued in the same laid back but very informative style and before we could almost blink the day was over. Stephen and Mel have a wonderfully calm, positive and respectful persona. They were very honest about the Gerson treatment and never once did they attempt to “sell” the therapy….all they do is give you the information and then allow you to make up your mind whether it’s for you or not. They were very aware of the cost of the treatment and have spent many hours sourcing items at the best possible prices thus saving you all the trouble….a real bonus. We would very highly recommend anyone thinking about the therapy to go along to one of the training days…you will not be disappointed.”
Sally and Rory

“Stephen is my friend.  He is also my practitioner.  It used to be the other way round but over a period of four years I feel we have changed.
When someone contacts an alternative practitioner there is a huge amount of uncertainty and vulnerability.  I certainly experienced both of these feelings.  Stephen immediately put me at ease.  We talked through what I was hoping to achieve, basically trying to heal using the Gerson Therapy rather than follow the mainstream medical advice.  Stephen said what I wanted to hear with much encouragement and preliminary advice.
I met Stephen and Melanie for the first time four years ago when I went to their home for a training day with my husband.  It was a full day and I came away knowing that there was someone there who really understood.  The training day told me everything I needed to know about embarking on the therapy.  Melanie provided a really appetising lunch, Gerson style, and the welcome was enough to give confidence to the most sceptical   Of course it did not all go into my head in one go.  The first thing that tends to happen when you are diagnosed with a cancer is that your mind scrambles’.  But, after a month when you are more clear about things and found someone who can sort you out life takes on a positive perspective again.
Stephen guided me into the therapy with patience and as I progressed he was always there to answer, often silly questions, again with understanding.
He has had the best and the worst side of me.  He has put up with tears an laughter and now  all this time later when I am well with a low grade condition we have an easy relationship.  We have been to Stephen and Melanie once more and again made to feel very welcome.
I cannot recommend  their service enough.  Ours is an ongoing situation which I enjoy and which gives me confidence every time I speak to him.  Long may our friendship continue.”

Yvonne Bristow

“Stephen and Melanie were very welcoming and genial hosts during the Gerson Therapy training day. The took time to explain the main points withing what is a very procedural therapy. All our questions were answered diligently with many examples from previous and/or current patients.

Also, the B&B service that they provided was ideal and well worth the cost and benefit of being immersed in ‘Gerson ways’ for the time spent on the weekend.”


“We found the course very useful. The information given was very clear and made things easier to understand than the books alone. Even though I am not a cancer patient, I am interested in the Gerson Therapy in respect of other illnesses and Stephen appreciated and catered for this most adequately. He allowed me to consider whether I wanted to go ahead with the therapy rather than being pushy and ‘in my face’, as is often the case with other alternatives. In terms of the food, my initial expectations were that it would be bland, tasteless and not enough. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very varied, tasteful and more than enough. As we live at a considerable distance from Stephen, we decided to take up the option of staying there overnight. This was an excellent decision, as it gave us the chance to have two three-course dinners with him. The accommodation was excellent and we were made to feel very welcome and comfortable. We would wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone that would like to find out what the Gerson Therapy is all about.”

Philip and Stamatoula (Herts)

“I really enjoyed the Gerson Training Day and feel quite well versed in what it’s all about.  Stephen was a mind of information on it and Melanie’s food and the juices were delicious and a welcome part of the day.  Although to be a strict ‘Gerson patient’ is, it seems a pretty full time job, I feel it gives people an alternative option to conventional methods of treatment, which I see as very positive.”

Emma Crafts (Notts)