About us

Stephen is a passionate and caring therapist with many years experience of working with people who suffer from many diseases.

Stephen became interested in alternative therapies after being diagnosed as an insulin dependent diabetic in his mid-twenties. For many years he suffered from regular complications of this unpredictable disease which resulted in him passing out in a diabetic coma in the middle of the main road into town and with his young son watching.  This was the final straw and with his wife’s support stephen began to change his eating habits to a healthy wholefood diet.  Stephen read every book he could get his hands on locally and then decided to study for the Practitioners Diploma in Natural Nutrition with Barbara Wren (www.natnut.co.uk).

Stephen then went onto study and gain a Diploma in Naturopathic Iridology with The Independent School of Iridology.  This qualification is accredited by the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists Int.

Whilst training with The College of Natural Nutrition, Stephen found an affinity with The Gerson Therapy and continued to read and learn more about natural methods of healing and particularly the Gerson Therapy.  He decided to attend a one-day introduction on the Gerson Therapy and subsequently become a telephone help-line volunteer for the UK Gerson Support Group.  This led to Stephen studying the first module of The Gerson Therapy Training Program for Licenced Professionals. Stephen felt this complimented his existing practice and strongly believed in the principles of healing that Dr Max Gerson developed.  Since then Stephen has successfully completed Module II (experiential review phase) as well as the optional third (continuing education) Module.

Stephen has also spoken to interested groups on Natural Healing and the Gerson Therapy.  These groups range from the British Institute of Osteopathy to the local Womens Institute.  Stephen has also written various articles such as Supernutrition as an aid to recovery from chronic and degenerative diseases, The Gerson Therapy on the Healing Hub and What Is The Gerson Therapy? An Interview by Jane Thurnell-Read.

Stephen has also taught the Nutrition module on the precision reflexology course taught by The Holland Academy of Reflexology for many years, along with various other one day courses to fellow therapists in the Midlands area.

Stephen continues to assist people with healing using elements from his many years of training and experience from his home in the Midlands.


Melanie originally trained in Accounting and spent many years managing the accounts for small to medium sized companies.  She then become interested in how the mind and body work and how imbalances in either can affect the health of the individual.

She is a caring and gifted therapist, people feeling instantly at ease in her company. She is trained in a variety of complementary therapies from Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Inner Dance and Meditation.   She loves nothing more than helping people along their healing journey or just some time to experience a wonderful and relaxing therapy.

Working alongside Stephen, she is a natural whole food chef and is happy tinkering in the kitchen creating delicious vegan delights and is currently working on a second recipe book.